Design Tips

What Cad Program should I use?

We use Solid works as our preferred 3D design software but here is a good free program to help you get your 2D project started. Draftsight

What is the best way to get a good quote?

The best way to get a quote fast and accurate is to send over a 3D solid model in either Solidworks as a .sldprt file, parasolid, or .igs. If it is just a 2D drawing than a DXF file will be fine as well.

The reason we ask for the cad files up front is so we can get you an accurate time study and present you with the most competitive quote. If you only have a pdf cad file or a sketch this will be ok as well we just use a different method to quote which will take a little longer to get your quote back to you.

What is the minimum size hole you can laser cut?

Typically in steel we like to stay with a hole size no smaller than the thickness of the material. In Aluminum and stainless we can go with a hole size 1/2 the thickness of the material. The are many variables to consider but this is a good rule of thumb if possible.

What is the ideal minimum flange length?

Depending on the material, conditions could vary but a good rule of thumb is to use at least 6x – 8x material thickness as your shortest flange. We have the ability to bend flanges less than these recomendations but it may increase the cost of your part.